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August 4, 2005

She Hate Me

Now that school is out for the Summer, I'm taking advantage of the idle time by catching up on flicks that peek my curiosity. Finally got a chance to see Spike Lee's latest joint, She Hate Me.

Perhaps I'm not the proper dude to give a objective crtique of this film, as I'm a fan of all 40acre/Mule films. Well, I'll give it my best effort anyway. The storyline was a bit contrived as it deals with lesbians who wanted children, so they paied handsomely for the priviledge of getting impregnated by a willing male stud. Interestingly, most of the women chose the traditional method. Obviously they loved the 'd'.
From experience, I don't know any lesbians that go both ways. I suppose they wouldn't be called lesbians if they did ;)

I appreciated the role of the main character, the brotha basically lived out the fantasy of many men. Sex without the baggage of strings attached. All of his 'clients' presented him with a form that essentially waived any parental responsibility for the offspring. Without going into much detail the sperm race to finish line was absolutely hilarious.

In true Spike form, there is always a message involved. (Isn't this why we see his films anyway). There are many subliminal messages throught the film. Government corruption, social and sexual taboos, and racial stereotypes.
Suffice to say, that you should see the flick for yourself to formulate your good opinion about the film.

Aside: The main character, Anthony Mackie, is the younger brother of a young Xavier engineering prof I met some years back. Check out his site, Channel Zero.

Posted by AG at August 4, 2005 3:34 AM