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July 1, 2005

Sista writers

I've never been a fan of fictional books, especially those which deal with romance or lack thereof. Actually, I got tricked into reading one such book. I joined a local book club, which was full of women. They decided that everyone should read "In Search of Satisfaction" by J. California Cooper. Surprisingly, I read the entire book, albeit begrudgingly. What a weird book. It was mixture of human tradegy and soap opera. Certainly not my cup of tea at all. I would rather read facts and stats, or something distinctly technical.

So it is no surprise that I have not been particularly enamored with writers like Terri McMillan. I had always thought her material to be myopic and too critical of black men. However, I do applaud her for opening doors for other black female authors. Apparently, there are others who seek to share the their experiences with majority audiences.

Pioneers Are Taking Black Chick Lit Into Middle Age - New York Times

Posted by AG at July 1, 2005 5:45 AM