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June 25, 2005

B'klyn Renaissance

Although I certainly don't get home as often as I like, nothing can ever replace the BK. In fact, all midwestern cities pale in comparison. Pun intended ;)

It seems that huge Manhattan exodus that has swelled the population in B'klyn isn't slowing at all. In fact, it appears that working poor could be pushed into the suburbs. I suppose gentrification is a necessary evil, but you never want to see much needed growth come at the expense of the impoverished.

For what its worth, I moved from midtown Manhattan in 79', and moved to Park Slope section of BK. It was a turning point in my life, in that I began to recognize the richness of my culture. B'klyn is truly a black borough, I often tell people that its one of the few boroughs that has pockets of white folks.

However, as the article suggests, the 'new' BK is blurring the lines between people and neighborhoods which were traditionally black (ie Fort Greene, Bed-Stuy) are undergoing a metamorphisis. Hell, in 79' Park Slope was predominantly Black and Latino (albeit 4Av - 6Av).

I remember 'crack' fever that struck BK with a vengeance in the early to mid-80's, luckily I was protected by the walls of Tech so I emerged relatively unscathed. However, it was uncertain what would become of the areas that were battle scarred by the aftermath of the drugs. Many years later, I have witnessed the transformation in Bed Stuy and Crown Heights, some good and bad.

I haven't really peeped Bushwick or Far Rockaway, so I don't really know how the rebirth has affected these and other sections of B'klyn. I would imagine that their transformation isn't very far behind.

Yes, BK is a place where stars are born and dreams are made. It's funny how the latecomers are just recognizing it today...

The Great Awakening - New York Times

Posted by AG at June 25, 2005 4:46 AM