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June 14, 2005

The Young Son of No one

Iron Mike Tyson retired over the weekend and left behind a sport that he once dominated. He was the youngest champion ever, at a tender age of nineteen. During the early 90's, he represented Brooklyn lovely during his rampage through the heavyweight ranks. He was the epitomy of survival, as any kid growing up in Brownsville could attest. He escaped the slums and deprivation and headed upstate to Catskills to hone his boxing talent.
Unfortunately, he never had much guidance and most of his handlers were only interested in the next payday. I've often wondered what would have become of him if he had the proper mentoring.


Love him or hate him, he clearly has left an unmistakeable mark on the sport. Without, Iron Mike, few would have understood the ferocity required to be a champion. Because of the way he ended his career, many will choose to remember his ever popular sound bites and one liners. In his prime, was a scientific brawler, devasting puncher, who loved to punish the body with vicious combinations. He feared no one. At thirty-nine, it was time to hang-up the gloves. I suppose in the end his undoing was lack of discipline and poor understanding of women. Hopefully, all of the ill-fated relationships (Givens et al) will not have drained all of his finances. Methinks that a good mentor would have helped him stay clear of the gold-diggers.

Posted by AG at June 14, 2005 6:36 AM