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June 10, 2005

Apple - Intel

Certainly a union of opposites. Steve Jobs has decided to move away from PowerPC platform and embrace Intel. Clearly Apple has been a sandbox for niche players, in fact, were it not for the Ipod innovation, Apple would be an even smaller dust spec in the desktop war.

The move here removes all commoditization barriers, it could prove to be a shrewd move. Some would argue that exotic hardware and specialty applications is what differentiates Apple from its competitors. First and foremost, Apple is a hardware company, as such, I would argue that what has kept them on the fringes is their unwillingness to open their architecture. It is very difficult to compete and gain market share against Dell and other major PC hardware companies who use standard, albeit low-end hardware. Perhaps moving to the x86 platform will force them to expand their horizons behiding their technology in shroud of patents and mystery only stumps their growth.

Linux has thrived on its competitors preoccupation with secrecy and patents. Perhaps its Apple's turn to shine ?

BBC NEWS | Technology | Apple Intel move 'could confuse'

Posted by AG at June 10, 2005 1:21 AM