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November 10, 2004

The Visiting Practitioner

Ever since I attained the rank of 1st Dan, I have been on a quest to broaden my exposure to other martial arts systems. I have been told that the learning begins, at the black belt level. I was a guest at a Tae Kwon Do dojang over the weekend. I participated in a very intense three hour workout. No water breaks, the only breather we were granted, was to adjust our uniforms. The bulk of our time was spent doing basics and hyungs. Although, I'm not a Taekwondo practioner, I can appreciate the level of difficulty associated with their acrobatic tournament style kicking techniques.
I often wonder if they are very practical in a self-defense scenario.

I was encouraged to work out with their advanced class anytime that I am available. Although, I was fatigued, I would certainly take them up on the offer. Yesterday, I worked out with a school that has its root in my system, Tang Soo Do. They happen to focus on sparring and tournament competition. for whatever reason, our school doesn't spar as much these days. So, I travel to other schools to supplement my training. Before sparring, we engaged in some stretching techniques, speed relays, and more stretching.

My last sparring partner was a female. I was very impressed with her kicking technique, she actually made contact with a few of her roundhouse kicks. I often find myself pulling back techniques when I face women. On this particular night, I learned not to do that anymore. Anyway, I know I need to work on angles and fast counters. I'm sure we'll spar again.

Posted by AG at November 10, 2004 6:02 AM