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October 18, 2004

Free Culture

Many people take for granted the wealth of information stored on the internet and the freedom it provides. However, technology patents and the threat of litigation threatens to stifle the very innovation that the internet was founded upon.
Prior to the introduction of the World Wide Web, the early internet was a huge collaborative landscape, comprised of researchers. These pioneers took pride in problem solving for the good of humankind. It was certainly a free culture of unbridled information gathering.

Professor Lessig discusses the dangers associated with the changing the internet from a free culture to that of a permission culture. He has released the book in audio. If you've got a BitTorrent client grab the torrent. The book is a collection of case studies and well articulated arguments, relative to the added value of P2P Sharing. In particular, he debunks many of the common RIAA arguments.

Posted by AG at October 18, 2004 9:05 PM