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October 10, 2004

Fall Classic

As I watched my beloved Bx Bombersdispatch the Twinkies, I realize that the we're probably be in for another fun MLB playoff season. I'll be honest, I spent time flipping between the Presidential debate and Yankees playoff game.

Which do you think was more exciting? Anyway, I know Red Sox nation looms in the distance. It will be great to deny them once again.

Oh yeah, I made a few changes to the layout of the blog. I now have a Category archive and a Most Visited Entries. The latter was no easy task. Much sweat and bytes. For the cost of a virtual brew, I was able to get it done. Special thanks to EJS for sharing the knowledge.

Hopefully, the changes will allow you to find stuff a bit easier :)

Posted by AG at October 10, 2004 3:34 PM