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August 21, 2004

Thievery - Revisited

Early last week I discovered that I was a victim of petty left. I had suspected that the neighorborhood kids were to blame. Well, recent events confirmed my suspicions.

After mowing my lawn late one evening, three young kids on bikes came up to me and asked to verify my address. Later, they asked if I was missing my insurance papers. I asked where they found the papers, and they claimed that they were behind their home. Likely story. These kids lived two doors down from me. They walked me to their house, while I waited outside, I wondered when the parents would show up. No parents ever appeared. In fact, it appeared as though the kids were running the household.

I got back my vehicle owner's manual, car insurance and vehicle registration cards. I really didn't care about the coins and PO box keys. Nonetheless, I was very clear in telling them that, "Everyone knows me on this block." I continued by stating, "It used to be safe until someone decided to enter my vehicle."

I have no idea why they decided to return some of my stuff. Nonetheless, I am grateful.

Posted by AG at August 21, 2004 7:46 AM