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July 3, 2004

Linux In The Enterprise

In an effort to recoup the many weeks of inactiivity, allow me share a few items with you.
I had the pleasure of doing another Linux talk.
This time I spoke to a group of Computer Science headz at the Detroit -Black Data Processors Association.

It marked the first time I actually spoke to non-Linux geeks like me. It was quite refreshing and somewhat challenging to extoll the virtues of Linux upon a large contingency of M$ users. Nonetheless, the talk was quite successful.
You can peep the presentation here.

I think some of the audience were surprised that I did not have a background in Computer Science. I was very upfront with them. I explained that I am self-taught, and a very firm believer that we learn by doing. You cannot connect with technology without immersing yourself in it. The audience was fairly docile, in that I didn't get the typical windoze questions. I did receive the following question, "Isn't Open Source insecure ?".

Basically, I flipped the question and provided the anti-thesis. I posed the following question. How secure is the closed source or proprietary model ?
How often is your business forced to rid itself of unwanted viruses and trojans destined for your Microsoft Information Internet Server or Outlook email client ?

To coin a phrase by Eric Raymond, "If the source code is closed only the bad guys see it, if it's open the good guys will see it too." No further questions were asked about this topic.

BDPA was kind enough to invite me back for a follow-up talk. I the next conversation, I will compare the Open Source and Closed Source models. If you're interested in understanding the Open Source model, take a moment to review the essays published by Eric Raymond.

Last word: I will add the event pics to my photo journal in the next few days.

Posted by AG at July 3, 2004 7:34 PM