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February 19, 2004

Raising the Ante

I am a violent NY sportsfan, and the events of recent weeks have brought a huge smile to my face. First, Zeke(I. Thomas) has made some bold moves to make my beloved Knickerbockers competitive again. Hell, because the East is so weak, they could actually grab the 8th seed in the Eastern Conference playoffs. He brought a couple of native NYers back to a Garden, in the person of Stephon Marbury and Lenny Wilkins. Both of them are from B'klyn. I still believe that we'll need to get a true bigman to replace Pat to have a legititmate shot at an NBA Title.

Perhaps the biggest news of the week was the Bx Bombers acquisition of A-Rod. All I have to say to the Red Sox Nation is "You Blew It." George von Steingrabber is one of the most aggressive owners, and always does what it takes to improve his ballclub. I give him much dap. Despite the uncertainties in our starting rotation, I'm very optimistic about our chances of capturing another World Series Title.

Peep this batting order -
1- K. Lofton
2- D. Jeter
3- A. Rod
4- G. Sheffield
5- J. Giambi
6- B. Williams (DH)
7- Matsui
8- J. Posada
9- Enrique Williams

The possibilities are endless.

Posted by AG at February 19, 2004 7:27 AM