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February 10, 2004

Kitchen Kemistry

Although, I am no gourmet chef, I do enjoy cooking. I suppose it provides an outlet for creativity. Obviously, I also appreciate the idea of people devouring that which I provide. Hopefully, they are not eating, simply to please me.

I equate my kitchen experimentation to Kemistry, I purposely dropped the European spelling to pay homage to my people of Kemet. Science, mathematics, culinary, and many other wonderful creations, were derived from these dark-skinned people.

Anyway, I digress. I enjoy the idea of fabricating something new. I understand baking allows for the same level of discovery; however, I have not delved into this area. Yesterday, I made some delicious chicken soup, which was definitely as much fun to make, as it was to eat. I have to give my pops a huge shout for providing me the recipe. I have tried it with Cornish Hen and whole chicken. Good stuff.
What have you cooked lately ?

Posted by AG at February 10, 2004 8:07 AM